Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Overarching Question
What does Jamie's 3 different husbands in 3 different location say about her personality?

Follow-up Questions
1. Why doesn't Janie have any children after 3 husbands?
2. Why don't any of her husbands ask her 4 kids?
3. How does Janie's lack of having children characterize her?
4. Why did Janie marry Joe so quickly?
5. How does Janie change with every new husband and location?
6. Did Janie ever love Joe?
7. Or was it something else?
8. Is Janie more like women today or women in her own time?
9. How is Janie more like women today or back then?
10. Why isn't Janie sad about Joe's death?
11. Why doesn't Janie ever think or feel bad for Logan.
12. How does Janie change after leaving Logan?
13. How does she change after Joe dies.
14. How is Janie different after meeting Tea Cake.
15. Do you think that Janie is niave?
16. Why do you think Janie did everything each of her husbands told her?
17. Do you think Janie will get married again?
18. After such hard relationships and experiences Janie stays youthful looking, what does that say about Janie's personality?
19. Why does Janie hate here Grandma for making her marry Logan?
20. Why does Joe make her be excluded from the rest of Eatonville?

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